Daisy – 880 Powerline Rifle Kit

Daisy – 880 Powerline Rifle Kit

Daisy – 880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch

Daisy was established in mid-80`s of the 19th century with one main product – windmills.  In order to improve sales, they started, in 1886, to give away BB guns with purchases of windmills, and soon thereafter they began producing them for sale. Today, the company known as a Daisy Outdoor Products is the most recognized brand of airguns in the world while the generations of shooters have made the first steps into the gun world with airguns from Daisy. One of them was famous American sniper Christopher “Chris” Kyle, whom as like a many boys, his first gun was a Daisy multi-pump BB rifle—the more you pumped, the more powerful your shot. Currently the Daisy Company produces more than 5 million airgun products every year, among them are air rifles and pistols marketed under the Winchester and other well-known brand names.

The Daisy 880 belongs to the PowerLine rifles and pistols series developed for use both indoors and outdoors to help you develop your marksmanship skills. With its appealing design and craftsmanship this rifle offers advantages of both worlds: Shooting inexpensive steel BBs all day long and switching over to .177-caliber lead air gun pellets when you’d like more accuracy. Taking this into account, the Daisy 880 is attractive as an entry level gun for the beginners and powerful rifle for the most serious sport shooters.

Daisy has always made very high quality rifles and pistols, and the pneumatic Model 880 seems to be no exception to that rule. This multi-pump, air rifle is so powerful compared to the traditional spring air BB gun that is not recommended to be used by children without adult supervision. With much more power, this rifle offers a greater chance of serious injury or death to the shooters or bystanders.

In fact, Daisy 880 can shoot pellets at an impressive 715 feet per second (218 m/s) and BBs even at astounding 750 feet per second (229 m/s). The plastic lever assembly seems fragile but is actually extremely strong, providing shooter reliable rifle handling. The manufacturer recommends the different number of pumps for various shooting conditions. In other words, the power and velocity of this nifty air rifle are easy to adjust by the number of pumps you put into the rifle. While with 2 pumps it gets enough power for indoor shooting, a 3-6 pumps is enough to plink at 33 feet (10-meter) range. Furthermore, with more than 6 pumps the rifle is able to shot at longer distances, allowing for precise outdoor shooting and even pest control at respectable muzzle energy  of 7.25 ft/lb.

At this point we must carry-over important warning made by manufacturer, to not pump the rifle more than 10 times because increased pumping will cause serious damage to the gun, while the muzzle energy increases produced by more than 10 pumps are minor.  Another note regarding the shooting range means that maximum shooting distance of steel BBs with 10 pumps is about 291 yards (266 m) and 286 yards (261 m) with pellets! Since the BBs ricochet easily the shooter should never shoot at hard objects or water and shoot only at BB-safe targets. It is good practice to use a target trap designed to prevent ricochet and put extra reinforcement behind your target to compensate for the added power.

This very light weight, Multi Pump Pneumatic rifle is able, (with pellet ammo), to penetrate right through an eighth inch of heavy pressboard or a water filled 20oz plastic coke bottle. However, for small game hunting it is recommended only to use lead pellets and not lead-free pellets as they just don’t have the punch needed to quickly and humanely kill.

Unlike the most air rifles of this price range with smooth bore this model has a rifled bore. And while accuracy with BB s is very poor, with pellets the rifle is capable of producing good precision largely because of the absent recoil.  Daisy’s most popular air rifle is a BB repeater and a single-shot pellet shooter simply to use; pour up to 50 BBs into the magazine then every time you pull back the bolt and push it forward you’ll load another BB. Or single-load your choice of any .177 caliber pellets. The rifle has a very nice trigger and safety in the form of manual cross bolt trigger block with red indicator.

Daisy has a fully adjustable rear sight and fixed front sight which just takes some practice since the blade sight is really far down the barrel and is sometimes out of focus when you are looking at the lower sights. Though the rifle is more accurate than other inexpensive smooth bore rifles, it has 3/8″ scope base for mounting 4×15 air rifle scope, included with mount in this kit. Beside the scope and mount this kit also include PrecisionMax 750 count steel BB in tin, PrecisionMax 500 count lead pellet in tin, and standard yellow shooting glasses.

This affordable rifle has a few flaws and this cheap scope is one of them as sighting in the scope is a bit of challenge. The scope groups about an inch at 25 yards and since it straddles the bolt chamber, loading is tricky, and impossible to load the pellets in bad light or with cold or gloves on.

Another drawback relates to the loading the rifle with BBs feed from the magazine by gravity which requires that the muzzle be raised. On the other hand, when loading a pellet it works best to have the muzzle aimed slightly downward, and roll the pellet in from the side. Furthermore, care must be exercised when shooting pellets while the magazine contains BBs. Loading a BB and pellet at the same time may result in a jammed or obstructed barrel. There is also a caution in the manufacturer manual to not leave your gun pumped for an extended period of time. This could result in a time delay from the time the trigger is pulled until the projectile is expelled from the gun. Also, leaving your gun pumped for more than one hour could result in permanent damage to the air release valve.

With rifled steel barrel length of 20.8in. (53cm), overall length of 37.75 in. (95.8cm) and weighing at about 3.2 lbs. (1.45 kg), this is an adult Air Rifle. Daisy`s the best-selling multi-pump pneumatic rifle features a wood-grained, synthetic molded Monte Carlo-style stock with raised right-hand cheekpiece and deep checkering on the grip and forearm. The receiver is engineered resin with dovetail mount for scope.

While the 880 boasts classic looks and comfort, Daisy also produced for Winchester model called 77XS with synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock better than the original design and much easier to use. Except the better scope and a nicer stock it’s the same design and $30 more.

The niche for Daisy 880 is found in adult shooting, especially when sport shooters have begun to feel the squeeze of limited space and money for rifle shooting. This enables the gun enthusiast, at a fraction of the cost of rifle shooting, to stay in prime shooting form.