ASG Dan Wesson 2.5″ CO2 Powered Air Revolver

ASG Dan Wesson 2.5″ CO2 Powered Air Revolver

ASG Dan Wesson 2.5″ CO2 Powered Air Revolver


The title is quite long and extensive, so let me explain everything by order of appearance. First, the ASG is short of Action Sport Games, a Danish company, founded in April 2003 as a merger of the two largest Danish distributors of air and airsoft guns and accessories. There is a nice mix of licensed models as well as sub brands of ASG in the assortment of products that ASG deals in. The good looking line of fine Dan Wesson revolvers is very popular and it is manufactured in Taiwan by WinGun Technology Co. Ltd.  By the way, the WinGun also act as OEM for a number of other air and airsoft weapon distributors.

As for the Dan Wesson name in the title, we can say in a nutshell, that Dan Wesson Firearms were founded in 1968 as the Wesson Firearms Co. Inc. by Daniel B. Wesson, the great-grandson of one of the founders of famous Smith & Wesson.  The company`s target was to offer high quality revolvers of innovative design to finicky US market, but in 2005 was bought by Ceska Zbrojovka (more usually known as CZ), and nowadays produce mainly hunting rifles and semi-auto 1911 handgun clones.

Despite “Dan Wesson” name on air revolver, it definitely doesn’t seem to be an exact replica of any particular Dan Wesson revolver. For example, though some gun reviews claim that a Dan Wesson air revolver has authentic original markings like as a prominent Dan Wesson signature on the barrel. This isn’t a feature of the original Dan Wesson firearms.

On the other hand, the metal frame and six-shot cylinder arrangement is broadly similar to the real Dan Wesson, though the grip shape and size and Smith & Wesson style cylinder release are very different. All in all, this is more of a generic air/airsoft pistol rather than a simple replica of a specific firearm. In fact, when you look closely at this airgun, especially one with a longer barrel, it seems more as a replica of the Raging Bull series of revolvers made by Brazilian gunmaker Taurus!

Now, back to the subject of our article, DAN WESSON 2.5″ CO2 POWERED AIR REVOLVER; these relatively inexpensive and nicely finished pistols were amongst the first revolver replicas to use BB/pellet holders/shells  which look like centerfire cartridges.  In our humble opinion, definitely this is the Winner and the most crucial feature of this airgun, making it an excellent tool for practicing handling of the real revolver as a firearm trainer, especially “Snubbies” (pistols with 3″ or shorter barrels). For information only, this small, easily carried and easily concealed guns have been made and used throughout almost the entire history of handguns and today the snub-nosed revolver is one of the most popular weapons for serious self-defense.

Considering that, expecting top accuracy from 2½” barrel is rather optimistic, although accuracy is quite reasonable for non-rifled barrel. Actually, this smoothbore snub-nose BB gun will group 3 inches at 10 meters in a free standing position, which is quite sufficient precision to practice trigger pull and see where the shots are going. It is almost the perfect and cheapest way to practice shooting techniques, as snub nose pistol requires a lot of fire drill indeed.

Owners of this gun noticed as flaw that, both, the metal frame marked with individual serial numbers and barrel plated with a handsome silver finish and the black colored Dan Wesson signature can easily be removed with sandpaper or abrasive pot scrubber.

The 2.5 ” Snubby has a rounded barrel shroud, and a barrel is equipped with front blade and rear sights adjustable for elevation and windage, only  for extra realism. Measuring around 2/3 of the weight of the original firearm, precisely 1.9 lb (870 gr) and with so realistic silver-colored frame and cylinder, it’ll fool just about everyone, so it`s not recommended to display this pistol in public places or anywhere as it could be mistaken for an actual firearm. As for realism, the ASG replica of a Dan Wesson magnum revolvers are as close as you can get to a real six shooter.

The 2.5″ Silver model is small and compact, yet well balanced for that great pistol feel and  you need to hold it in your hand to really understand how solid this pistol really is at close to 2 pounds. The power source of this gun comes  in form of a 12 gram Co2 cartridge inserted into the the ergonomic, hard polymer, textured grip via sliding panel. The CO2 12g capsules should give about 50-60 full power shots per CO2 cylinder with average muzzle velocity 318 fps (97 m/s) and muzzle energy of 3 Joules. This six-shooter mixture of features from both Dan Wesson and S&W designs operate in a double-action (DA) as well as in single-action (SA) mode. The smooth DA trigger pull is typical for a revolver (8.2 lbs) and lightens considerably when fired in SA mode (5.8 lbs).

As I said earlier, the most unusual and noticeable feature of the ASG Dan Wesson revolver is its use of BB holders in the manner of centerfire cartridges. This makes the operation of the revolver very similar to the firearm on which it is modeled, right down to the use of speedloaders for loading the real gun, with the only difference that instead of primer, powder and a bullet, just have to load each one with a steel or copper BBs. The fine craftsmanship of this firearm  is reflected even on the brass shells which have received a stamp of approval – “DAN WESSON”.  In fully revolving, six-shot cylinders chamber shooter has to put in a shell/holder loaded with one BB each, though some enthusiasts modify a shell/holder and try to fire birdshot out of it, just for fun.

At this point we need to look again at real firearm counterpart- an original Dan Wesson revolver and their unique feature of easily swappable barrels without the services of a gunsmith. One frame could suit multiple uses from snubby to 10″hunting barrel. Unfortunately, barrels on air replicas are not interchangeable, though it is fairly simple to detach the barrel and shroud by removing the two rolled steel pins in the upper part of the frame.  This means there is the possibility of replacing the smoothbore barrel with a rifled version and shooting pellets rather than BBs. With additional modification of shell casing shooter improves both the range and precision of the pistol firing .177 caliber (4.5 mm) Air Gun flat-nosed pellets.

Respecting market demands, ASG company has recently announced that they will be producing a .177 pellet version of the Dan Wesson equipped with solid brass shells, which means that the Dan Wesson with a rifled barrel will be even more accurate than its BB firing cousin. All models come with six shell casings, a speed loader, an attachable over-barrel accessory rail and quality manual.

For the review end, one word of warning that applies when shooting a BB gun, everyone in the vicinity should wear safety glasses. Never shoot at hard objects. Steel BBs easily ricochet, so everyone in the area must wear safety glasses.